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Draft Outline

July 15th, 2009

Michele has circulated a draft outline for the standard which can be found here and in the resources list. Comments on the outline are due by Wed., July 22. She has requested a teleconference for July 28 at 10 am PDT, 11 am MDT, noon CDT, 1 pm EDT for 1.5 hours.

We are targeting an interim meeting for August 26-27 at Honeywell in Minneapolis MN.

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  1. Cedric Trueman
    July 17th, 2009 at 10:31 | #1

    There may be a case for revising the naming and order of some of the sections. Here are my thoughts:
    (1)Consider a section for operations, and a separate one for maintenance. While all buildings require both, they are different. A building operator mentality should be to operate the building, and its systems, so they meet the needs of the occupants, and to do so as efficiently as possible. Among other things, this obviously would include maintenance, but there are a host of other things as well. On the other hand a maintainer’s mentality is more focused on ensuring that the required inspection, adjustment, repair, etc. needed by each piece of equipment has been carried out – a much narrower perspective than the operator’s.
    (2)Include under operations a series of best (or required) practices that could include: system descriptions and data, sequences of operation, system operating plans, a formal preventive maintenance program (see maintenance section), process for dealing with occupant complaints, monitoring program for energy and water use and demand, periodic system operating evaluations, orientation for new operators, and others.
    (3)Put the operations section near the beginning of the standard because it applies to every building, all the time. It has been said that better operating practices could save significant energy, so it may be the largest opportunity area.
    (4) It looks like proposed section 6 includes what is in section 6.8 of the 2006 std. I agree with putting that in a separate section.
    (5) Proposed section 5 seems to replicate section 5 of the 2006 std. One thing that is missing, and maybe it should be located elsewhere, is any mention of short-term energy use indicators that would permit a knowledable operator to detect an energy use deviation quickly, investigate, and make corrections immediately – could be one of the operations “best practices”.

  2. Jim
    July 21st, 2009 at 19:47 | #2

    I’m concerned that we’re putting the cart before the horse. In the first committee meeting we very quickly agreed to minor revisions to the Title, Purpose, and Scope of the standard, without much discussion as to our overall goal. What are we really trying to attempt in this revision? How do we see it being used? By whom? I consider it a serious problem that we haven’t yet identified anywhere that the current standard is referenced or used. I think this issue needs to be given serious consideration from the start, lest we develop a more stringent version of a standard that is currently not adopted, without giving much thought as to why that is the case.

    The current standard only has a prescriptive approach. The proposed outline continues that tradition. Should we not also consider a performance approach – in parallel with Std 90? In line with ABEL

    The existing standard has a lot of problems with time. The new construction standards have a more clear perspective – when the building is constructed, it must meet the standard or not. The current version of Std 100 has a vague perspective. For example, “When lighting systems are replaced, the replaced lighting systems shall meet the requirements of Section 9, Lighting of ASHRAE Std 90.1-2004…”. How can a project comply with that? I propose that we make it clear that the Std is met at a point of time, and that periodic reassessment is required to remain within compliance.

    I agree with Michele and Cedric as to breaking out “Energy Management and Improvements Requirements” into a separate section from O&M.

  3. Michele Friedrich
    July 21st, 2009 at 22:26 | #3

    Teleconference on July 28 is for 2 hours, not 1.5 hours (ie. 10-noon (PDT), 11-1 (MDT), noon-2 (CDT) and 1-3 pm (EDT). Contact me for call in information if you don’t have it. M1F4@pge.com

    Interim meeting date has changed to August 26-27, still waiting for ASHRAE approval.

    These are great comments Cedric and Jim – thank you.

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